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Random Order Audio

Random Order Audio (ROA) is a project designed to prove that digital media no longer needs to be linear. Creatively, artists often have multiple versions of songs - different solos, verses that never make the final cut, or even completely different instrumentation. Unfortuanately, all of this creativity gets left on the cutting room floor, never to be heard by fans. ROA allows artists to describe the structure of the song, using building blocks of recorded audio along with logic to play the same song in different ways - allowing the consumer to enjoy their favorite songs in new ways.

ROA's software is based on the OGG (LibVorbis) and FLAC audio codecs, for high quality audio compression, and OpenAL as the audio playback engine. Everything is written in C/C++, using the Qt libraries for cross-platform compatability, with ports for Windows, Mac OSX, and Android. There is also a (private) Encoder application which allows the artist or sound engineer to quickly build the completed song package using a graphical interface, encoding all of the logic and audio pieces into a single file for easy storage and portability.

I was responsible for all of the technical aspects of this project - all of the software, the website, graphics (under guidance from my partner on this project), and writing the software patent(s) (the original was split into two separate patents, and both were granted by the USPTO).

The Random Order Audio website is no longer in service, but a copy of the site's content including software and sample song downloads can be found here.

Contract Work

The following websites were created while doing contract work for Green Media Creative ( Design work/images/content were provided by GMC, and in most cases all of the functionality, HTML/CSS/PHP/JS, and/or CMS setup was completed by myself. Some projects included setting up a VPS, installing software as needed, configuring SSL certificates and DNS servers, and many other tasks related to preparing and maintaining a web server.

TuxedoWholesaler is a manufacturer of formal dress for events, tailoring every order to fit their customers exactly. The website is built using the Magento e-commerce focused CMS, and has been highly customized to fit TuxedoWholesaler's needs. A theme was developed, plugins were selected and installed to aid in adding and managing TW's enormous catalog of products, and custom code was written for a variety of changes to the core CMS. A Virtual Private Server was used, and I am responsible for the setup and maintenance of this server - including setting up the DNS, SSL certificate, and configuring Apache and FTP access for multiple users.

ServiceElements is a training and logistics company focused in airline service, but also caters to a wide variety of service-oriented companies. The goals for the new site were to illustrate the different industries that their training may apply - their old site was focused on Aviation - and to provide easy access to the content of the site for updates and linked content. The choice to use WordPress was made - however, there are many CustomPostTypes involved to provide the client easy access to all of the content on the site, as well as supporting plugins. The theme was designed using the "Underscores" base WordPress theme, and multiple page templates were added to provide the necessary formatting and layout of the various pages on the site.

A custom WordPress theme, along with a standard set of plugins and customizations were used to create The client requested a variety of templates, for the various pages, and for content to be as editable as possible - however, everything is still designed to be responsive for mobile environments.

A local Arizona non-profit organization, this is a WordPress site that I was asked to make updates to. The theme was already created, however many changes were made to better provide customizability to the client and add new content areas.

This site is from the same family as, and we were asked to retain the familiar style and accessability of that site. The WordPress theme from APDCAZ was used and tailored to fit the new content and layout desired of the new site.

This is a WordPress site with an existing theme, however they requested a Blog category be seamlessly added to the current layout (including a new page template, new sidebar on the homepage, and new menu links). This was a simple edit, with the client requesting a simple to add and edit post structure including a thumbnail image and header image, with excerpts being automatically generated.

Designed in WordPress, a simple one page website with integration to a pre-existing client backend - this was one of my earliest projects with Green Media Creative, I was proud of the way it came out and how the site looks on a wide variety of devices.

Amadio Ranch's needs were simple - a one page website using WordPress to allow for scalability in the future, while providing a simple but beautiful theme and a fully responsive design.